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Clinical situation of recombinant erythropoietin fusion protein

The “recombinant human serum albumin/erythropoietin fusion protein for injection” bio-innovative drug will complete clinical phase II in its third year and strive to enter clinical phase III.

This product is indicated for renal anemia (dialysis patients).

The clinical phase I of this product: 1 center nationwide (You'an Hospital), chaired by Professor Wang Meixia; healthy people are the subjects, 5 dose groups are climbing, and a positive control group is set up with 34 cases.

The project is currently in the completion of clinical phase I, and the clinical phase II is about to start.

Clinical Phase II: 5 centers nationwide; 120 cases were enrolled.

After 3 years, the time node can be started in the clinical phase III (the clinical phase is expected to be 15 centers nationwide and 360 cases will be enrolled).

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