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Recombinant human serum albumin / granulocyte stimulating factor fusion protein

This product is an upgraded product of short-acting recombinant granulocyte stimulating factor and long-acting PEGylated granulocyte stimulating factor, which will be able to encroach on the market share of both short-acting and long-acting granulocyte stimulating factors. It is planned to produce 5 million injections per year, with a construction period of 3 years. After the project reaches production, it can achieve an annual sales revenue of RMB 3 billion, complete the annual tax revenue of over RMB 600 million, and arrange employment of more than 160 people with various types of technical labour.

· Granulocyte stimulating factor fusion protein product advantages

Compared with long-acting PEG-GCSF

1. Cost advantage: the cost is 5RMB of our product,only a half cost of one 300μg short-acting GCSF, however the cost of PEG-GCSF is more than 160 yuan for each unit.

2. Process advantages: production process is more streamlined, the production process of PEG-GCSF is complex, the positioning and binding force are involved in the process of polyethylene glycol and GCSF lotus root union , there may be loss.  The stability and uniformity of our products are better .

3. Safety advantage: polyethylene glycol is a nephrotoxic substance with a certain degree of toxicity, the use of large amounts may produce certain side effects, while the company's products have almost no side effects.

4. Clinical application advantages:Our products has a more balanced rate of leucocyte rise is use. Due to the obvious effect, PEG-GCSF will show the problem of rising leukocytes too quickly at the beginning of medication, similar to the "leukemia effect", and then start to decline slowly, and patients will have a certain discomfort.The rHSA / GCSF achieved a slow increase and slow decline in leukocytes, with relatively smooth curves.

Comparison with short-acting GCSF

1. Effectiveness advantage: A chemotherapy cycle requires the use of 14 short-acting GCSF, and frequent injections lead to poor patient experience and compliance. Our product requires only 2-3 injections in a chemotherapy cycle.

2. Clinical application advantages: Although short-acting products do not bring the problem of rapid leukocyte elevation, due to the maintenance time of short-acting products, leukocytes need to be replenished when they fall again, resulting in high and low leukocytes, and the leukocyte curve fluctuates more drastically.

3. Collective advantages: Compared with long-acting and short-acting products, our costs are lowe.From the current unified procurement style, it is more suitable for the current competitive situation and has obvious advantages.

· Basic structure of granulocyte-stimulating factor fusion protein


· Granulocyte-stimulating factor fusion protein clinical situation


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